A Few thoughts

Stars in the sky, like diamond they shine

Do they realise why earthlings so much whine

There may not be a day, when they dont make hay

Irrespective whether or not there is sunshine

Urchins make noises, dogs make cries

Drawing everyone nearer their sorrows and joys

Why cant I find the same in the brines

They flow like a mad river

Do not discover anything new or worthwhile

Whenever one gazes at the sky

All one finds is the haze and misty wind

Winding nights bring their own respite

Well they flow like an inebriated mind

Oh! so clever is this mind, it wanders further

and then comes back to its den

Without even making one realise when

Thoughts are many but they disappear like air

Or get burst as bubbles

This hullabaloo is nothing but a short lived dream

Like apparitions they come and go as ghosts

Without making one realise their existence

When there is nothing

But to claim a false sighting or

Getting overhead when there is nothing to adhere

This attachment is losing its hold

making one see brass as gold

Words dont befit the thoughts

They look like scarlet dress on a hay

Why should one beg so much from this life

This world getting nothing

Stopping at no go Mysteries are endless

So are dreams getting them known is pressing within

But its like a volcano bursting with full force

Spreading the lava around, destroying everything in its path

Nature is beautiful , so is destruction

Why ruin and not make construction

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