A Day in My Life

I am motionless,
Stationed in a room full of almirahs
Cold steely dark almirahs.
Curtains drawn, Doors closed,
Rusty windows are jammed.
I am all alone, in midst of stillness.

At times, I feel,
I am also drowned in this quietude.
Sitting in a sombre mood with brooding thoughts
Fighting hard to slough off all odds.

But, wait, there seems to be a stream of light
Coming from the windows, placed high.
It filters in and bathes me in white
Removes gloominess, drowns my sighs.

Perhaps, it is a symbol of liberty
Showing me a path to serenity.
I must follow light and take the lead
Leave every hurt behind and proceed.

I would surely reach the top
If I continue walking and do not stop.
Midway always seems tough
Making path strange and rough.
But it is a signal from above
Continue your adventure unperturbed.

I would surely heed your advice
My hurts have made me somewhat wise.
You would not repent me making, O God!
I will not let you down, today I resolve.
Continue to help me in my endeavor
And, I would prove to be a worthy warrior!

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