A Captive in Heart

You chained me so long I became
A prisoner of my own thoughts.

You said my art was rare
I had a talent
I can make statues speak
Infuse them with life
On my dead canvas
I painted scenes alive.

writing I believed every word you said
I reveled in your praise
I lowered my guards
Relinquished myself without a trace
I bowed in reverence to
Your restrictions your commands
I believed everything you said
Fulfilled all your demands.

You made me a captive, You smothered my wish
You trampled my want, You hooked me as fish
I was limited by words, and
Became a prisoner of my own thoughts.

You asked me not to pursue a hobby
Or even meet my own tribe
I indulged your whims, accepted your terms
I was a weak slave to your wily tongue.

You choked my slender throat
Destroyed my pure soul
I cried out, writhing in pain
I saw a devil furthering his game
I was a step towards the pinnacle
You used me to tilt the scale in your favor
The balance was achieved, you won the game
And I was wondering, am I to blame?

But as you went away, I thought it was a dream
Ecstatic, I danced like a mad stream
I was no longer a poor slave
But a free spirit, easy and brave.

A day would come, when I will live again
Once again prepare myself for a heavy strain
Till then, I am collecting my thoughts,
Reliving the horrendous battle I fought.

The key is in my hands
But I am unable to unlock
It is easier to be a cold prisoner
Than a smouldering rock
I want to make no more mistakes
I have too much at stake
My first step is moving away from your shadow
I want to create a new identity, shirk off the hollow

My body may hurt, my soul may cry
But, inside I am strong, its no lie
A woman is all heart, none of it too strong
But, nightmare of your devilish self will keep me long

You chained me so long
I became a prisoner of my own thoughts
But, now I am free as a bird
To sing my own song as loud as I want!

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