A Blessed Soul

I was sitting in a garden with small flowers
Where roses, orchids n marigolds shower.

He came close and looked with his two eyes
Expressing love hidden behind his cries.
He was small, barely two feet tall
With an endearing smile and drooping jowl.

He lied on ground, rubbed his feet
Scratched the grass, chewed and bit.
Then he yawned and lay down flat
Rubbed against my feet, forcing me to pat.

He stuck out his tongue and wagged his tail
I liked the dog, though small and frail.
He was bursting with an infectious zeal
Living life with a charming appeal.

He accepted all his failures with grace
He seemed content with life, his place.
He ran after flies, shooed the cats
Yet again, he lied down flat.

Content with his sport, he snoozed off fast
And I was left admiring his class.
He was a paltry dog, with no clue about life
But, he was so happy, with no strife.

One who can be at peace with all
Is indeed a blessed soul!

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