A Bird In Cage

A Bird in cage sings no more
Hits hard against the door.

Stomps his feet,bangs his head
Rubs his beak against cold lead.
With tattered wings n beady eyes
Fills the cage with sad shrill cries.

Tired with efforts, he looks at food
It disgusts him further, spoils his mood.
He is alone, fighting a lost battle
But Bird is strong, he won’t rattle.

One day, perhaps he would melt the cage
One day, he would fly out with rage.
Would perch on treetops and fly high
Wander amidst clouds, sing without sigh.

But, till then Bird would sing no more
Sit still n stonily stare at trapdoor.

A Bird in cage sings no more
A Bird in cage sings no more!


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  2. What a sad plight! Nicely written.

  3. Thanks Sreesha 🙂

  4. Dunno.. bondage makes me angry 🙁 You’ve got the emotions bang on!!!

  5. Yes Abhijnan, there is nothing more tortuous than a restriction on our freedom, physical or emotional. Glad you could relate to those in my feeble attempt 🙂

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