69th Republic Day Parade

Watching brave Soldiers march, as their white gloves rise and fall perfectly in tandem with measured foot steps, is hypnotic.

Smartly dressed soldiers, impressive retinue of tanks and missiles, well decorated horses and camels, foot tapping music .. here flutters my heart… I am proud to be an Indian and this fact is reiterated by my soul as I sit glued to my TV set for hours, watching the Parade.

But today on 26th January 2018, I thought why not keep these memories safe with me for a long time. So I ended up clicking a few photos of the ongoing parade with my phone Moto G5.

I am sharing a few pics of State Tableau. These were beautiful with specific themes as religion, craft and traditions.

Punjab Tableau

Kerala Tableau

Chhatrapati Shivaji on Maharashtra Tableau

CPWD Tableau

After the colorful tableaus popularly called Jhankis, the bike troopers zoomed in. Every year, the BSF soldiers disolay their superb skills on Motorcycles. However, today it was for the first time in history, that the popular stunts were performed by the women soldiers. They have been aptly named Seema Bhawani. And their performance was exhilarating.

Seema Bhawani

Must say that these pictures speak a story of their own. We are a nation of unity in diversity and what better way to drive this message than today!

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