I Wish I Had Wings

I wish I had wings

Could fly high in sky

Feel the clouds and

Say Earth Goodbye.

It  must be calming

To watch from such height

Near the stars

Must everything be bright.

For a moment I would

Drown all my worries

Flying atop hills

Must seem heavenly.

From far above

Earth would look like balloon

With seas spread

Across  like festoon.

I would look down

And feel one with all

No hard feelings

Gloom or pall.

Would feel compassion

Sympathy and love

Treat with same passion

Eagle and dove.

I wish I had wings

Could fly high in sky

With dreams in eyes

Sing with freedom and joy.

I wish to live like a bird

For rest of my life

Without bothering about

Labour and strife.

I wish I had wings

And kiss earth good bye.

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